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Witnessing Grief: Inviting Trauma and Loss to Our Coaching Conversations, An Enneagram Perspective - Holly Margl

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"In Witnessing Grief, Margl aptly provides practical guidance with profound transparency and vulnerability, creating sacred space for safety, intimacy, and healing." -Fran Fisher, MCC, Author of Calling Forth Greatness

Witnessing Grief by Holly Margl is a timely and important book for coaches and other helping professionals who face conversations with their clients daily that veer into the grief, loss, and trauma humans generally experience in this life, but particularly now in this pandemic era.

Sadly, even coaches, counselors, and therapists can say unhelpful and even harmful things to their clients who are suffering in the face of grief. Undoubtedly, most coaches don't choose their field anticipating such weighty topics. Still, here we are in this pandemic era, and along with anxiety and depression, grief and trauma are customary topics of coaching conversations.

Witnessing Grief provides coaches and other helping professionals with a primer on how to be consciously present for these difficult and complex conversations with their clients by stressing the importance of self-awareness and deep reflection. Applying an Enneagram lens to real-life scenarios and conversations, this book demonstrates how with self-awareness and conscious presence, helping professionals - particularly coaches - can be a witness to their clients' grief as well as their own bias in the face of trauma and loss.