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Why Shopping at a Running Store is Still Important

The past 22 years of my life has been spent working in the specialty run business. Every day I interact with many faces - from all walks of life. Even as a passionate ambassador of all things retail, I’m consistently impressed by the digital landscape. It’s made our lives easier in many ways. I’ve greatly benefitted from the assortment of apps, tools and platforms. And yet, there’s still nothing like the experience of stepping into a specialty shop. Throughout my years of marathon, trail and road running I’ve come to appreciate human experience. I can describe to you the feeling of crossing the finish line at Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. But being there with your friends and family...
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An All-New Website for an All-New Decade at TCRC

You’re here! We’re so happy to share our new site with you. It’s full of little goodies, from our Run Squad signup to the TCRC Trail Map locator. We’ve also got lots of awesome product to share with you, and more on the way. At TC Running Company, we’re going to spend the next couple months looking back at our past as well as forward. We’re extremely excited about the running community in the Twin Cities and beyond. It’s home to one of the most vibrant, healthy running communities in the country. Whether you run the road, track or trail - we’re glad you’re here. Let’s get running!
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