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TCRC Rally Run Powered by Nike!

TCRC Rally Run Powered by Nike!

The race with an all-new formula is back…

The TCRC Rally Run powered by Nike!

Inspired by European automotive rally racing, the Rally Run is a 3-stage race, each stage run by a different team member, each stage unique (pavement, cross country, or multi-terrain). Each team member runs in succession to one another with total time recorded by chip.

It’s an amazing setting at Three Rivers Carver Park Reserve.

At the center of the race loops will be the Race “Village” – DJ, food trucks, rowdy cheer zone, merch stands, photo ops, and more.

All we need is you, your team, and your strategy to conquer the Rally Run.

Coming Saturday, July 27th, at 10am. Sign up!

Register Here

$120 Team // $75 Individual

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