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Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 40 PRM (100 - White/Malachite-Fir-Green Strike)

by Nike
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Men's Road Running Shoes

Patience + consistent work = improvement. It’s a forward-thinking running formula that’s stood that test of time, signed and sealed by Bill Bowerman himself. This design pays special tribute to Bowerman, not only a Nike immortal but a revolutionary giant in the running world at-large who turned jogging into a nation-wide phenomenon in the 60’s. Unique touches throughout the design harken back to Bowerman’s beginnings as the proverbial godfather of a crusade made to get you moving. Have a good jogging day!

Behind the Design
In 1963 Bill Bowerman wrote “the Joggers manual”, a 3-page pamphlet with instructions on how to jog and all the benefits that come with the athletic endeavor. The pamphlet’s smashing success swept the nation and led to multiple iterations that sparked a nationwide movement, to well, JOG. Filled with meticulous training regimens and tips on everything from form to mileage to shoe preferences, Bowerman’s expertise earned deep-rooted trust in running communities.
Movement Matters!
Bowerman sent letters of jogging regiments and handcrafted footwear to runners all across the country, with personal letters encouraging potential athletes in their pursuits, always with his patented signature at the bottom. This colorway is inspired by the book’s classic cover colors. Bowmerman’s signature, seen on the midsole, is pulled from the individualized note. The stitched-on Swoosh harkens back to Bowmerman’s days of tinkering while the Swoosh material mimics a track’s surface texture. A special message on the inside of the tongue reminds you all that matters is movement!
Behind the Design
When we sat down to design the Peg 40, we took an inside-out, approach, literally, starting with an implemented midfoot band for a more secure, but forgiving sensation, like the Peg is giving your arch a welcoming, gentle hug. We wanted to make the inner confines of the shoe comfortable, breathable, and forgiving in the toes, arch and heel, where your feet are most sensitive, with an engineered circular pattern that allows it to conform to your foot. Suede material allows it to provide better fit without irritation, from your 1st run to last run.
Improved Collar and Comfort
We increased the foam around the collar for better fit and comfort. Then we improved internal linings and padding throughout for an incredibly smooth fit.
Let it Breathe
A highly tuned single layer mesh with familiar and trusted structures and yarns creates an inviting feel and fit. The mesh was engineered to allow great feel as well as air flow for great breathability when it’s sweltering, and sweat is all-present.
Snap and Pop
Nike React technology is a lightweight, durable foam that delivers a smooth, responsive ride. We paired with 2 Zoom Air units, at the forefoot and heel, for an energized feel at toe off. The result is a smooth transition from heel to toe.
Heel area is designed to maximize the landing space and improve transition and durability.
Waffle inspired pattern for best practice traction.
An added extra flex groove offers a smooth toe off.
The rubber outsole is more durable that’s thanks to a utilized repurposed compound.

Style - FJ0329-100