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10 Years: Why TCRC is Still Here

10 Years: Why TCRC is Still Here

A decade ago on a snowy day in March I signed my life away. Literally. By the evening a key manager had quit our store and we made one sale all day. That’s exactly how TC Running Company started. I was in my mid-20’s and immediately questioned if owning a running store was a huge mistake.

But TC Running Company has always been about looking forward, and that’s exactly what our team has been doing for the past 10 Years. With help from family, staff and an unbelievably passionate group of customers whom we call friends, TCRC has transformed into a running destination. We don’t spend a lot of time looking back, but there’s some key reasons I think our stores are thriving:

  1. TC Running has great staff. 5 years ago we invested in a larger full-time workforce. It was a gamble and a big risk, but the value in having employees whom people see every time they come to TCRC has been extraordinary. We have such a talented group of people and many of them have been at the store for 5 years or more. Kurt Decker, our General Manager, has been steering the shops for 9 years… His fingerprints are all over our success. I’m so grateful for the investment of time and energy by Kurt and the team; Our employees are what makes the atmosphere at TCRC special.
  2. Our customers are the best. We know runners can choose to shop in many places, and purchasing products is just a click away for most people. We’ve invested in our relationships with customers… and they’ve invested in us. Whether is ____ who drives from Monticello to buy shoes from TCRC or _____ who has bought her whole family shoes for years, I’m reminded daily that we have the best customers. I’ll never be able to say thank you enough to them.
  3. We have great partnerships with awesome brands. One of the reasons I fell in love with specialty running was the unique and high-quality product our shop carries. Beyond just the product, the brands we carry bring so much value to our customers. Unique events, product launches and partnerships are what make TCRC more than just a place to buy things. One thing people may not know: The Twin Cities has an excellent group of brand representatives and tech employees. They’ve added so much to our shops.

That’s my look back. Now, it’s time to look forward again. 2017 is a big year for TC Running Company. We’re thrilled you’re here on our all-new website. Run Squad is launching, which is a new and very cool way to connect with our stores. We’ve got plenty of cool product available with some very exciting things in the works. Did someone say Spring? Is it Springtime?? Time to lace up and run for another 10 Years.

See you soon.


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