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Since running can be difficult on the runner’s body, and when running outside the runner is exposed to the elements, it is important to choose the correct running apparel to maximize comfort and performance. The most important piece of running apparel is, not surprisingly, a pair of good running shoes, followed closely by well-cushioned and properly fitting socks. These are not the only pieces of running apparel that will make a runner’s experience a positive one or a painful one.

Performance Running Clothing

When choosing running apparel, moisture-wicking material is the golden rule. Runners sweat, and if that moisture remains on the skin, the runner can get cold in chilly conditions and simply uncomfortable in other conditions. Moisture-wicking running shirts, tank-tops, and shorts take all that moisture from sweat and move it away from the skin, ensuring the runner stays relatively dry and comfortable. Materials like GORE-TEX® wick moisture, and in cold weather can provide extra warmth without being stifling.

Running Sports Bra

Women must consider sports bras as well when choosing running apparel. Like most running clothes, sports bras can also be moisture-wicking and typically cling close to the skin to avoid becoming cumbersome. They can be worn underneath a running tank top or shirt, or in some cases worn alone as most are made to cover effectively.

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