Community.  TCRC is more than a place to buy shoes. We are active members of the Twin Cities community and we like to get out of the store when we can.

We cannot live only for ourselves.  A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.

Herman Melville

Endless Summer Trail Run Series
Partnering with RockSteady Running, we sponsor a series of short (5k-7mi) trail races on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer. In addition to running on some of the Twin Cities’ best trails, it’s a great chance to win some prizes, make new friends, and hang out over pizza and beer. Learn more at

Twin Cities Marathon Mile 24 Cheer Zone
Partnering with local company Fitsok, we sponsor the renowned Mile 24 Cheer Zone at the Twin Cities Marathon. TCM weekend is one of our favorites – come celebrate the runners and cheer on your friends with us each year. 

Other partnerships
TCRC is proud to partner with several local organizations to offer clinics, discounts, and team ordering services. Some examples:

  • Corporate – we offer on-site clinics for your employees and offer discounts for employees of several local companies (see discounts to see if you qualify; contact us to set up a clinic and/or a discounting partnership).
  • Training Groups and Gyms – in addition to offering discounts for members of training groups and gyms (see discounts to see if you qualify), we offer “shop days” where we offer informational sessions and special discounts for the day.
  • Schools – we offer discounts to high school and college runners, as well as coaches. Additionally, we can place team orders for uniforms and other gear. Contact us for more details.